Saturday, February 13, 2010

Big Decisions

Well Its been a while sense i last wrote. I am not moving on to 33 weeks pregnant with Kailyn! She is growing so big! I sure cant wait to see her soon only 7 weeks until my due date. Kevin and I have many hard decisions to make in 7 weeks. Kevin does not have a job because no where is hiring we have been trying really hard. Even walmart is on a hiring freeze. I am still working as a CNA almost as often as I can to bring in the money for all our bills. As many know we are living as Kevins parents house in Salem utah. Living here is sure hard i will have to say and i know a few of you completely understand that one so i wont go into detail. Right now we are in a very SMALL room and its full of stuff. We even have stuff stored in my car kevins car and both trunks. There is no way we can fit a baby in here also. We were planning on being moved into an apartment in 2 days but um my car broke down and we put all our apartment money we saved into fixing the car. As time is getting closer things really needed to be figured out. So for who reads this we are moving to idaho in about 2 weeks. My whole family there unlike some people here want to help us want us to be around and really want to be involved with Kailyn. Kevin has a job lined up (that is a plus) and my CNA license is good there also so i can still do what i love doing. Also this means i can take time to recover after labor and we will be happy and treated with respect!! We will miss a few people here and will visit often so Kailyn wont be a stranger! I sure thank everyone for helping us well the people who have anyway but we will see you and miss you!!