Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kailyn is so cute!!!

Kailyn is almost 2 months old now. Its so crazy how time flies by once these cute little babies get here. She sure has been really fun to have around. Kevin is so cute with her he is finally getting really attached to her. Its wierd having to share her now ha everytime i am holding her kevin wants her. Even though its nice to get a break i still want to be a baby hog ha ha. She is doing very well at holding her head up now and very strong in her legs. She still does not like her binky and i think she finally forogt about her thumb thank goodness i thought that was going to be a big problem. We just bought her some really cute summer dresses and have really enjoyed dressing her up. I started working again as a fill in and every sunday! I am still working as a CNA with my little sister at an assited living place in st. annthony. I have lost 25 lbs sense my labor with Kailyn and now for some reason I have just stayed put at this weight ugh. One day I will be back to where I started. I cant wait to take Kailyn swimming Haley bought her 2 really cute swimming suits. We are taking her on her second trip to Utah next weekend it should be really fun!!