Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Updates!!

                       I have so many new updates to share and I am excited to let it all out.
1. Kailyn is approaching 8 months old very soon.  She is learning and growing so fast it surprises me.  I cant keep up with her or time it seems like.  Her new favorite things are talking and standing.  Kailyn can say Da Da yup she is a pro.  Its so cute when she talks and Kevin just loves to hear Da Da first!  She pulls herself up on EVERYTHING.  Literally everything its the funniest thing I have ever seen.  She even tries to let go and walk even though she falls.  I dont doubt that she will be walking and standing all on her own here really soon.  She still does not have any teeth but I think there is a bottom one on its way.  She has quite the attitude and I am hoping she grows out of that ha.  I just love her cute personality she has going on and I am looking forward to seeing what the next step with her will be.
2. Kevin yes Kevin he is just a lot to handle I cant keep up with him either.  he recently had a birthday and is now 22 yrs old. He has been working at a place called Nor Sun.  It is a local potato factory here in Rexburg.  Kevin does sanitation there and it is a really important job. He adventually is going to be going to school to fullfill his life time dream of becoming a Cop.  Kevin misses his family and friends alot and talks about them all the time.  He really wants them to come visit when ever they can and it drives him crazy how no one has yet. other than his brother david!! (thank you david)  Kevin is still the same he watches you tube all the time to learn new things,  he goes shooting alot with his friend Oscar and still is a loving husband and father.  I dont know what I would do without him. 
3. Kendra (me) I have been working and staying busy also.  I work at the Homestead it is an Assisted Living Center for the elderly. I am still working as a CNA and I do enjoy it. I recently got my med certification so I also pass meds. Alot of pressure with that one.  Everyone asks me all the time how i can do that job.  My hint to people if your in it for the money this is not a job for you.  Its a hard one and the pay is not the best (Garren AKA boss if you read this I dont blame you ha)  it is a job you have to really have to want to help people to do it..  I am taking my ACT finally in just a few days and then I will be finding out when I start school.  I will be going to school for my RN and I am turnning that goal into hopefully becoming a Nurse Practitioner.
Our home is finally coming together.  We have been trying to figure out how to decorate this place for a long time.  We are almost done thank goodness.  Its starting to look great.  I will post pics of it when I am finished. I sure love my family and I am thankful we had a great wonderful fun Thanksgiving this year.