Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bad Blogger Fo sho

Well its official... I am a bad, bad, bad, blogger!  I think its time to step it up a little bit so that I can keep my family and friends updated on my exciting life.  As most everyone knows we have moved back to Utah where we think we belong.  We found a nice apartment in Santaquin UT for a really good deal.  Our Landlords are great and live above us!  By July next year we are planning on finally buying a place.  Still no pets but one day hope to have a dog for Kailyn.

Kevin got a job at the LDS dairy farm in Elberta, UT milking cows.  It has been a good job and brings in good money although there are some down sides as well.  He works 12 hours a day 5 days a week so I dont see him much and he is always tired. It is a very hard job but he does it well!  Kevin has also kept himself busy by spending alot of time with the family horse.  He is 4 years old and his name is Rebel.  Kevin takes really good care of him and enjoys it alot.  He is a great father and takes really good care of Kailyn!  He loves to take her everywhere he goes and show her everything he can.  He is such a good husband and does his best for our family!

As for me I am now a stay at home mom!! Because of the long hours Kevin works I cannot get a job wihout getting a babysitter so I am at home with her all day everyday.  At first I did not know what to do with my self and I got pretty lazy ha now I am loving it and I am getting things done!  I love spending the time I have with Kailyn because she is just growing so fast.  I am also very into decorating my place right now I want it to look good!  I have been enjoying my sister in laws here in Utah they are all so great to me and we have been having alot of fun!  I miss my family alot but I still see them at least once a month.

Kailyn is 16 months old now and NOT getting any younger.  I just entered her in a baby contest that she will soon be showing her cute little self off at!  I am sure she will do great!  She is such a diva, she loves jewlery, ALL my high heels and shoes, mirrors, and drama! What a tipical girl huh? Her favorite words these days are STOP, UH OH, THANK YOU, and DA DA of coarse.  She has no accoplished glaring, telling me off (in baby talk), and eating anything and everything. I feel bad for the poor girl her teeth are coming in so fast.  She now has 7 teeth 4 on the bottom and 3 on the top and they are so cute! 

Well thats about it for now!  As a family we are doing great and set a goal to have a temple wedding sometime next year!  We have decided to start attending church again it brings more meaning in our life and it is important to us to introduce kailyn to that lifestyle and let her go from there! We have enjoyed it here and cant wait to see whats next in our lives!  Now lets see if I keep up on this blogging freakin thing!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Updates!!

                       I have so many new updates to share and I am excited to let it all out.
1. Kailyn is approaching 8 months old very soon.  She is learning and growing so fast it surprises me.  I cant keep up with her or time it seems like.  Her new favorite things are talking and standing.  Kailyn can say Da Da yup she is a pro.  Its so cute when she talks and Kevin just loves to hear Da Da first!  She pulls herself up on EVERYTHING.  Literally everything its the funniest thing I have ever seen.  She even tries to let go and walk even though she falls.  I dont doubt that she will be walking and standing all on her own here really soon.  She still does not have any teeth but I think there is a bottom one on its way.  She has quite the attitude and I am hoping she grows out of that ha.  I just love her cute personality she has going on and I am looking forward to seeing what the next step with her will be.
2. Kevin yes Kevin he is just a lot to handle I cant keep up with him either.  he recently had a birthday and is now 22 yrs old. He has been working at a place called Nor Sun.  It is a local potato factory here in Rexburg.  Kevin does sanitation there and it is a really important job. He adventually is going to be going to school to fullfill his life time dream of becoming a Cop.  Kevin misses his family and friends alot and talks about them all the time.  He really wants them to come visit when ever they can and it drives him crazy how no one has yet. other than his brother david!! (thank you david)  Kevin is still the same he watches you tube all the time to learn new things,  he goes shooting alot with his friend Oscar and still is a loving husband and father.  I dont know what I would do without him. 
3. Kendra (me) I have been working and staying busy also.  I work at the Homestead it is an Assisted Living Center for the elderly. I am still working as a CNA and I do enjoy it. I recently got my med certification so I also pass meds. Alot of pressure with that one.  Everyone asks me all the time how i can do that job.  My hint to people if your in it for the money this is not a job for you.  Its a hard one and the pay is not the best (Garren AKA boss if you read this I dont blame you ha)  it is a job you have to really have to want to help people to do it..  I am taking my ACT finally in just a few days and then I will be finding out when I start school.  I will be going to school for my RN and I am turnning that goal into hopefully becoming a Nurse Practitioner.
Our home is finally coming together.  We have been trying to figure out how to decorate this place for a long time.  We are almost done thank goodness.  Its starting to look great.  I will post pics of it when I am finished. I sure love my family and I am thankful we had a great wonderful fun Thanksgiving this year.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kailyn is so cute!!!

Kailyn is almost 2 months old now. Its so crazy how time flies by once these cute little babies get here. She sure has been really fun to have around. Kevin is so cute with her he is finally getting really attached to her. Its wierd having to share her now ha everytime i am holding her kevin wants her. Even though its nice to get a break i still want to be a baby hog ha ha. She is doing very well at holding her head up now and very strong in her legs. She still does not like her binky and i think she finally forogt about her thumb thank goodness i thought that was going to be a big problem. We just bought her some really cute summer dresses and have really enjoyed dressing her up. I started working again as a fill in and every sunday! I am still working as a CNA with my little sister at an assited living place in st. annthony. I have lost 25 lbs sense my labor with Kailyn and now for some reason I have just stayed put at this weight ugh. One day I will be back to where I started. I cant wait to take Kailyn swimming Haley bought her 2 really cute swimming suits. We are taking her on her second trip to Utah next weekend it should be really fun!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Life in Idaho and Baby!!

Kevin and I now live in Rexburg Idaho! It has been really nice being here so far. Kevin has a job and is enjoying it alot. I also have a job as a CNA again but I dont start until after Kailyn is born. We will finally be able to move into our apartment we always wanted. As far as living things go we have a much better situation here. Plenty of babysitters and room for everything. I am 40 weeks and a day now and she is being a stubborn baby. We had our doctor appointment this morning and set a date to have her. So if Kailyn is not here by Monday morning Kevin and I are scheduled to be at the hospital at 7:30 am to have our sweet beautiful little girl. I surly cant wait to see her. Things have been going so great here. We will head to Utah for everyone to meet her late April and again late May. We cant wait to show our baby girl off to the world!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Big Decisions

Well Its been a while sense i last wrote. I am not moving on to 33 weeks pregnant with Kailyn! She is growing so big! I sure cant wait to see her soon only 7 weeks until my due date. Kevin and I have many hard decisions to make in 7 weeks. Kevin does not have a job because no where is hiring we have been trying really hard. Even walmart is on a hiring freeze. I am still working as a CNA almost as often as I can to bring in the money for all our bills. As many know we are living as Kevins parents house in Salem utah. Living here is sure hard i will have to say and i know a few of you completely understand that one so i wont go into detail. Right now we are in a very SMALL room and its full of stuff. We even have stuff stored in my car kevins car and both trunks. There is no way we can fit a baby in here also. We were planning on being moved into an apartment in 2 days but um my car broke down and we put all our apartment money we saved into fixing the car. As time is getting closer things really needed to be figured out. So for who reads this we are moving to idaho in about 2 weeks. My whole family there unlike some people here want to help us want us to be around and really want to be involved with Kailyn. Kevin has a job lined up (that is a plus) and my CNA license is good there also so i can still do what i love doing. Also this means i can take time to recover after labor and we will be happy and treated with respect!! We will miss a few people here and will visit often so Kailyn wont be a stranger! I sure thank everyone for helping us well the people who have anyway but we will see you and miss you!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Family Update

I have been very blessed this pass month so many new and exciting things going on and so much to update! Christmas went so very well this year. Kevin and I went to Idaho to see my family this year. We stayed in Sugar City with my dad and my sister. We played games, ate good yummy food, watched movies all night and just had a good time. The next night we stayed in Rexburg with my mom and brother and had fun there also. I am now 26 weeks pregnant and still loving every minute of it! Kailyn moves alot and just loves her dad. Over Christmas weekend Kailyn moved alot for her grandpa and aunt it was really nice to share that with them. I take my glucose test January 11th and i also will be in my third trimester that day!! My wonderful sister is going baby crazy and buying all sorts of cute baby things for Kailyn. Kevin and I are getting ready to move out to our own apartment in about a month from now and could not be more excited. Living with the in-laws is really not fun. Being on our own will be lots better for sure. Dont get me wrong i do love them but just not the best place for us to be at. New years is coming up its wierd to thing its almost 2010. Time to make new years resolutions and stick to them.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beautiful Day!!!!

Today could not be more beautiful!! Kevin and I are getting our pictures taken today to send out Christmas cards to the family for the hollidays!! Its our first year as a starting family and Everyone has been wanting to see some pictures for a while now!! Kevins brother Dwain Merrill is taking them and he is a great photographer so i could not be more excited. Lets see how these turn out it always makes you nervous! Kevin has been drawing again and its really cute to watch him get really into it. He really does a great job at it. Kailyn is moving alot more now and is alot stronger so we can feel her really well. It is a really cool feeling i wish everyone could be able to feel a baby move inside of them!! I am 23 weeks pregnant tomorrow!! I read the update and i guess i am suppose to start getting kankles. NO WAY that is not happening. I am going to get some ted hose and more pillows and elivate my feet at night and wear the ted hose during the day! I refuse to have that happen to me ha ha the joys of being pregnant!! but good new NO STRETCH MARKS YET!!!!! so that is exciting. i cant wait for christmas this year i miss my family and we will be there to see them. let me let you in on a secret my dad makes the BEST fudge and its mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm good. Work is going very well and so far things at the house have been hmm... okay but that is better than not okay! Well i miss my family lots and cant wait till I get to see them!! Love you all!!