Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bad Blogger Fo sho

Well its official... I am a bad, bad, bad, blogger!  I think its time to step it up a little bit so that I can keep my family and friends updated on my exciting life.  As most everyone knows we have moved back to Utah where we think we belong.  We found a nice apartment in Santaquin UT for a really good deal.  Our Landlords are great and live above us!  By July next year we are planning on finally buying a place.  Still no pets but one day hope to have a dog for Kailyn.

Kevin got a job at the LDS dairy farm in Elberta, UT milking cows.  It has been a good job and brings in good money although there are some down sides as well.  He works 12 hours a day 5 days a week so I dont see him much and he is always tired. It is a very hard job but he does it well!  Kevin has also kept himself busy by spending alot of time with the family horse.  He is 4 years old and his name is Rebel.  Kevin takes really good care of him and enjoys it alot.  He is a great father and takes really good care of Kailyn!  He loves to take her everywhere he goes and show her everything he can.  He is such a good husband and does his best for our family!

As for me I am now a stay at home mom!! Because of the long hours Kevin works I cannot get a job wihout getting a babysitter so I am at home with her all day everyday.  At first I did not know what to do with my self and I got pretty lazy ha now I am loving it and I am getting things done!  I love spending the time I have with Kailyn because she is just growing so fast.  I am also very into decorating my place right now I want it to look good!  I have been enjoying my sister in laws here in Utah they are all so great to me and we have been having alot of fun!  I miss my family alot but I still see them at least once a month.

Kailyn is 16 months old now and NOT getting any younger.  I just entered her in a baby contest that she will soon be showing her cute little self off at!  I am sure she will do great!  She is such a diva, she loves jewlery, ALL my high heels and shoes, mirrors, and drama! What a tipical girl huh? Her favorite words these days are STOP, UH OH, THANK YOU, and DA DA of coarse.  She has no accoplished glaring, telling me off (in baby talk), and eating anything and everything. I feel bad for the poor girl her teeth are coming in so fast.  She now has 7 teeth 4 on the bottom and 3 on the top and they are so cute! 

Well thats about it for now!  As a family we are doing great and set a goal to have a temple wedding sometime next year!  We have decided to start attending church again it brings more meaning in our life and it is important to us to introduce kailyn to that lifestyle and let her go from there! We have enjoyed it here and cant wait to see whats next in our lives!  Now lets see if I keep up on this blogging freakin thing!