Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Family Update

I have been very blessed this pass month so many new and exciting things going on and so much to update! Christmas went so very well this year. Kevin and I went to Idaho to see my family this year. We stayed in Sugar City with my dad and my sister. We played games, ate good yummy food, watched movies all night and just had a good time. The next night we stayed in Rexburg with my mom and brother and had fun there also. I am now 26 weeks pregnant and still loving every minute of it! Kailyn moves alot and just loves her dad. Over Christmas weekend Kailyn moved alot for her grandpa and aunt it was really nice to share that with them. I take my glucose test January 11th and i also will be in my third trimester that day!! My wonderful sister is going baby crazy and buying all sorts of cute baby things for Kailyn. Kevin and I are getting ready to move out to our own apartment in about a month from now and could not be more excited. Living with the in-laws is really not fun. Being on our own will be lots better for sure. Dont get me wrong i do love them but just not the best place for us to be at. New years is coming up its wierd to thing its almost 2010. Time to make new years resolutions and stick to them.

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