Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beautiful Day!!!!

Today could not be more beautiful!! Kevin and I are getting our pictures taken today to send out Christmas cards to the family for the hollidays!! Its our first year as a starting family and Everyone has been wanting to see some pictures for a while now!! Kevins brother Dwain Merrill is taking them and he is a great photographer so i could not be more excited. Lets see how these turn out it always makes you nervous! Kevin has been drawing again and its really cute to watch him get really into it. He really does a great job at it. Kailyn is moving alot more now and is alot stronger so we can feel her really well. It is a really cool feeling i wish everyone could be able to feel a baby move inside of them!! I am 23 weeks pregnant tomorrow!! I read the update and i guess i am suppose to start getting kankles. NO WAY that is not happening. I am going to get some ted hose and more pillows and elivate my feet at night and wear the ted hose during the day! I refuse to have that happen to me ha ha the joys of being pregnant!! but good new NO STRETCH MARKS YET!!!!! so that is exciting. i cant wait for christmas this year i miss my family and we will be there to see them. let me let you in on a secret my dad makes the BEST fudge and its mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm good. Work is going very well and so far things at the house have been hmm... okay but that is better than not okay! Well i miss my family lots and cant wait till I get to see them!! Love you all!!


lynzpaige said...

Oh sweetie, if you get stretch marks its not usually until the last few weeks. Then they get really bad. Unless you're Janilee :) Good luck!

Kendra Fogle said...

ha ha i know and its terrifying to think about lol!!!