Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Early Thanksgiving

I firgured i probably wont be around a computer on Thanksgiving so I am taking the chance to write while i can. This Holiday season I am looking at things from a different angle. We all think of the things we are thankful for this time of year and it sure helps us realize how good we truly got it. This year I have my sweet Kailyn. I am thankful for life in general. Kailyn has opened up a whole knew look on how much you can truly love somone. She is now moving around in my belly and being able to feel her and letting me know she is there makes me one of the happiest moms in the world. I am so thankful for Kevin. He truly has been really good to me and has always been right by my side whenever i need him. I am also so thankful for friends, cousins, parents, siblings, family in general, and work buddies. Without them who knows where I would be now. I am thankful for kevins family and the home they have provided for us in our need of help. We all have struggles in our lives and many hard times. Remember your not alone we are all here for each other. This year lets make it the best year!! I know i will.

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