Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I cant believe December is here and there is no snow. I am not the biggest fan of snow but December and snow just have to go together i think. I am just now kinda figuring out how this blog thing works and my page is looking much better i have to say. Kevin is going to be starting school here soon he is concidering being an EMT!! He is still trying to figure out exactly what it is he wants to do. I am going to be attending school here soon also at MATC for my LPN. The sooner i start the better it is a 6 month to a year program so it should go by fast!! I cant wait to get my nursing license it will help in sooooo many ways!! I still have not decided where i want to work as a nurse but my choices i am interested in so far is ultrasounds, in a nursing home {cause i am already use to it}, and autopsy x rays. Who know what i will go into as a nurse but i cant wait. Kailyn is moving more and more everyday it feels so cool and i love to know that she is there. She is getting stronger and stronger its so fun. She is now 12 inches from head to toe and is almost one pound!! Kevin and I love to watch her ultrasound video over and over again because the whole time she is moving around and smiling and yawning. We have never seen one when the baby had been awake before and that active. She is already high strung i guess lol just kidding. Everything is going well i love this season the hollidays are the best time of year for sure.

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